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Venta de maquinaria equipos repuestos

Sale of machinery, equipment, spare parts, and supplies for the Flexible Packaging Industry.

Sale of machines, equipment, and spare parts dedicated to the production process of flexible packaging, such as sealers, extruders, printers, and more.

Montaje de asistencia tecnica

Assembly and Specialized Technical Assistance for Industrial Machinery.

Comprehensive management in the assembly of industrial machinery, covering location analysis, placement, installation, and commissioning of the machinery.

Ingenieria de gestion de mantenimiento industrial

Engineering in Industrial Maintenance Management.

Audits of the industrial maintenance process, identifying opportunities to improve processes and internal controls, generating operational efficiencies in the production process.

Ingenieria de Gestion energetica

Engineering in Energy Efficiency Management.

Energy-saving projects for industrial machines, warehouses, and roofs, where we implement a system that contributes to the reduction of temperature, electricity consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon footprint reduction.

Impresora industrial
Our experience
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Our experience allows us to recommend
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